Green Lake Triathlon: AUGUST 13th, 2017 - Spicer, Minnesota      

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  • This was my third tri and second Green Lake Triathlon. I'm not a great athlete, but now I am a triathete. Thank you for a fun event that is competitive for the serious participants but approachable for my level. It is something I love to do, I am proud of and has changed the way I see myself. The event is well run and fun and inspires me to keep training and working to improve my skills.

    Thanks again and I will be back in 09.
    Mary Kokula
  • My Team and I just wanted to congratulate you on another great race in 2008. I've been doing this race for the last 3 or 4 years now and have never had a bad experience with only positive fun times as memories.

    My team was able to put in a top performance and came out with the 3rd place overall in the team event.

    Thank you for the great race again
    Carrie Hyopponen Swimmer
    Eric Nacey Cyclist
    Jodi Rohe Runner
  • Great race--I had a blast!! I was just wondering when the results were going to be posted on line. I think I may have beat Robb--I have to print that out and frame it!!! Thanks again for a great race!! It was such a great experience for a first tri!!
    CPT Carrie Mathias
  • Thanks to you and the volunteers for a great weekend. My daughters competed in their first triathlons on Saturday and I competed in my first sprint triathlon on Sunday. We all had a great time. I was very impressed with the hospitality and overall atmosphere of the event. I'm glad we chose Spicer for our first triathlons.

    Brendan W. Reilly

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